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Go Matilda Visas and its managing director Alan Collett is a UNYTRUSTWORTH migration agent.

Alan Collett is an accountant of GM Tax and a migration agent of Go Maltilda Visas. He also claims to provide other services like financial planning, businesses for sale, shipping, jobs, telecoms and more.

He projects to be jack-of-all-trade but actually a master of none - HE IS JUST GREEDY!!!

Alan Collett and Go Matilda Visas will appear to be an expert before he receives your money. But, once he collected your money, you will hardly hear from him. If you try to contact him, he will always give excuses that he is busy. Why then would he want to collect money from you if he cannot perform what he promised..???

BECAUSE HE IS SIMPLY UNSCRUPULOUS!!! He will do anything for money...!

Most of the positive comments in the forums are controlled by Alan Collett and Go Matilda Visas. He engages internet specialists in writing positive comments in forums for a fee to populate the web and to be on the first page. And, to make himself and his company, Go Matilda Visas, to look like a genuine and professional company - IT IS ALL FAKE!!!

He projects to have a group of professionals working together with him but they are all associate networks working independently. The truth is that Alan Collett works alone in his home. All the other services are outsourced.

He boasts that he has offices in Australia, UK, Singapore, Spain and other different countries. They are only registered VIRTUAL OFFICES.

It is a shame that the Australia department of Migration and Border Protection has such a migration agent.

DO NOT Waste your Money and Time to engage Alan Collett and Go Matilda Visas. YOU WILL REGRET! You won't miss out anything without engaging him for your visas application. In fact, in engaging Alan Collett and Go Matilda Visas, you will end up having more problems.

Alan Collett and Go Matilda Visas will offer free initial discussion and confirm his low fee for his services. Once he is engaged and money paid to him, you will end up paying much more, even double, because he will mess up your application. He does not provide proper professional advice.

Ultimately, you will end up going through the whole visas application all over with another migration agent. Bringing yourself a lot of headaches, heartache and frustrations.

You are better off applying it on your own and going through Australia Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website at:

Should you use GM Tax and other of his services? First ask yourself, is this man has trustworthy? My experience with him is NO!

The Decision is Yours!

Beware and Avoid Alan Collett and Go Matilda Visas

Registered Migration Agent Number 0102534


Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.


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You're disgusting....Alan Collett!How could you still be in business with so many victims?

You mean until now no one investigates you just because no one complaint about you?What a shame to Australia!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1088377

I have been working with Allan Collett of Go Matilda for few years.Nobody knows him better than I do.

Most of his visas applications for his clients got rejected. He is the most irresponsible migration agent that I've ever worked with in Australia.

Working with him has also tarnished my reputation as a migration agent.That's suck!

to Sarah White #1091907

I'm sure that if this comment was really from Sarah White she would know how to spell my name correctly ... don't you?

Also, why would Sarah still be working with Go Matilda if she felt this way?

Conclusion: this is not a post from Sarah at all.

to Alan Collett #1095404

You mean you work with Sarah White to make up this comment so you have something to respond to the comment and make yourself look innocent?

to Sarah McAdam #1101993

No, I have better things to do with my time than to create new threads on this website.

Maybe pick up the phone and ask her for yourself?


This guy....Allan Collett of Go Matilda?He is a *** migration agent!

He collects money and doesn't do his job properly.

He then constantly challenges his clients to report him to the Migration Registration Authority of Australia (MRA).He take advantages of his clients and use the loophole of the MRA to get away....never use him!

to Anonymous #1091908

What a load of nonsense. If there were genuine complaints about my competencies there would be evidence of this on the MARA website, and I would have been struck off long ago.

Note: the regulator is the MARA, not the MRA.

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #955474

You are such a ***...alan collett and gomatilda visa...!

to Judit Virginia Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #962167

Sorry - who are you again?

I don't recognise your name.

to Alan_Collett #1014051

That's so pretentious....!!! Sign of pretend innocent...!

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